Listen to Quito-Based Band El Extraño’s Garage Rock Tune “Volcán”

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Fall season arrives with more than pumpkin flavored everything; it’s also the season of new music that will serve as the perfect tunes for our end-of-the-year soundtracks.

In 2012, El Extraño released Mujer Pulpo–an EP of 5 songs with a loaded psychedelic garage sound. Now, in 2014, the Quito-based band has released a preview of their upcoming EP with a new single, “Volcán,” a melodic pop song with a heavy influence from post-punk and garage rock. Wrapped in upbeat charm covered in warm, buzzing guitar riffs and vocal melodies, the track is still submerged in the band’s hallmark garage sound while they’ve managed to evolve and solidify their output.

“Volcán” is a mature and sensible approach to El Extraño’s unveiling of their new LP, listen below.