Little Jesus Depart From Their Pop-Rock Predilections in New Video for “Norte”

“Norte,” the single, is definitely the farthest Little Jesus has ever ventured. The band tends to stick to their upbeat, pop-rock predilections to great success (see: Norte, the album). “Norte” the single was not featured on Norte the album (because that would’ve been too predictable?). Instead, it’s the lead single off their upcoming Norte re-issue, which will feature the original nine tracks along with six new ones, “Norte” the single being one of them. It’s an instant favorite, a song that shows us that Little Jesus is capable of many moods and heights.

The video, directed by Fuerzas Básicas, couples the song’s melancholy with absurd-lensed images of bland luxury and dark twee.

Note: The female vocals are none other than Elsa y Elmar.