LNG/SHT Raps About Anxiety and Sobriety Over a Trillones Beat in “Rivoshima”

Lead Photo: Photo by Daniel Patlán
Photo by Daniel Patlán
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LNG/SHT might just be the hardest-working musician in Mexico right now. He’s usually on the road rapping to audiences big and small about his thoughts on life, be they funny, contemplative, or both. Touring so much (and all the partying it implies) takes its toll, and he vowed to celebrate his first 100 days of sobriety by releasing a special track to mark the occasion. Here we are now, and the track is called “Rivoshima.”

Named after the popular anxiety medication Rivotril and a line in the chorus about having “Hiroshima inside my chest,” LNG/SHT raps frankly about his stress issues and about being stressed about that stress. The beat is provided by no less than an authority in music production than Mexicali’s own prodigy Polo Vega, aka Trillones. Vega himself has had a stellar year so far with the release of his amazing El Tiempo Es Circular. For his turn as a hip-hop beatmaker, he delivers a warping and claustrophobic sound; after the first chorus, a massive G-Funk bass drops and things move forward.

LNG/SHT is slated to play at this year’s WACO Fest in Torreón.