FNTXY Gives The Weeknd’s “Earned It” a Glossy Auto-Tuned Makeover

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“Lo Merece,” a Spanish-language version of The Weeknd’s “Earned It” (yes, the 50 Shades of Gray theme song, which was probably the best part of that movie), comes courtesy of Tijuana rapper FNTXY, pronounced “fantasy.” FNTXY has been rapping for the Homegrown Entertainment crew since May, when he released a remastered version of his album Hvbitö.

Was it a sign that he was ready to take his game up several notches with one of Mexico’s most hustling indie rap labels? Making the switch to Homegrown meant that FNTXY joined the ranks of artists like rising producer BrunOG, who recently put together the new Ciudad del Diablo EP of Mexico City hip-hop artist Yoga Fire under the label’s auspices.

It’s been a busy summer for FNTXY. The release is one of a handful of R&B tracks that he has been experimenting with lately, after a previous string of trap releases best represented by last month’s EP Los Riches Boyz. “Lo Merece” sounds more like “Boy,” a song produced by Tete that includes a sweet intro dedicated to paternal love. Mexico is seeing a recent surge in R&B artists, perhaps led by the success of Finesse Records and its loverly roster of artists like Jesse Baez and genre-bending San Luis Potosí producers BCOTB.