Lola Pistola Reenacts the Shower Scene in ‘Psycho’ For Her “Tú Pensabas” Video

Love is a wonderful thing for most people, but it can turn into one of the most bitter emotions a human being can experience. Sometimes, that bitterness is needed in order to feel catharsis and move on from past relationships. If there’s a prime example of art trying to convey this message, it’s the new video for Lola Pistola’s breakup banger “Tú Pensabas.”

I wrote about the track at the beginning of the year, and the power of the melodic-yet-desperate song still resonates. The reverb-drenched garage track is paired with visuals courtesy of production firm Sea Smoke, who hammered out the concept with Lola Pistola. The clip was shot over two days at Pistola’s apartment and haunts in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

In the video, the singer drinks in the streets, erupts into kicks, hammers at a steak, and tears through raw meat. The cause of so much animosity? The faceless tattooed male figure that slides in and out of shots. Ultimately, her object of loathing receives a special treat in the form of the couple reenacting the shower scene from Psycho. It’s up to you to decide if Lola just dreamed it up or if it actually happened in the video’s (fictitious) world.

Lola is currently in a much happier space, touring relentlessly with partner in musical crime AJ Dávila through the U.S. She also plans to record a brand new EP to be released during the final stretch of the year.