Los Animales Superforros Go Full-On Pop with a Folclor Flourish on “Meta y Ponga”

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Los Animales Superforros are back, you guys! They’ve been keeping us waiting for a new taste of their indie pop goodness for some years now, since the release of their debut album Coplas in 2011. And while with that record they gained comparisons to another animal…collective, here on “Meta y Ponga” they went full-on pop. The song is part of a three-way release called La Nueva Ola, also featuring songs by Camila Moreno and Little Jesus, put out by Charco to promote their recent shows in Europe, and it’s the first single from their sophomore album, still untitled.

“Meta y Ponga” is a sweet little pop tune that will get stuck in your head in no time, and features bright synths, simple programming, and their signature use of folkloric Latin American instruments. This is a delight.