Los Blenders Love Getting Shit Faced With Their Friends In “Amigos”

Most people agree that the golden age of rock in Mexico was probably the early 90s, when bands were finally signing deals with multinational labels, touring the world, and constantly being played from every speaker in the country. During this era, many of the bands that got to ride the coattails of success were all about not being very serious. Bands like La Lupita, Cuca, and (to some extent) Fobia did their best to exploit the absurd and you could even imagine them giggling like schoolchildren while penning their lyrics. In turn, the crowds couldn’t get enough and loved them for their humor.

It’s good to hear a band follow this tradition and doing it in their own way, as Los Blenders keep teasing us with new material from their upcoming long player, Chavos Bien. We have already heard the title track and seen its trippy-ass video but that was something like six months ago. Now they give us a brand-new track and accompanying video for “Amigos.”

Steeped in their usual mix of garage rock goodness and infectious-as-ebola melodies, here we find an ode to friends and getting shit faced. The “wooh-wooh” harmonies and slacker chorus will make you return for more.

The video, directed by Joey Muñoz, unfolds like half-remembered VHS home movies and turns the “lifestyle video” style so popular nowadays on its head. Showing how they’re hanging at the beach and drinking beer is nothing ostentatious. Instead it’s like an intimate moment among buddies that we’re interrupting.

It’s reassuring to know that there are still people interested in having fun with their music. Their debut album, Chavos Bien, is slated to drop on March 9th through Tigre Discos.