Los Blenders’ Video for “Playa Jacó” Shows the Disastrous Yet Cute World of 600 Perritos

Judging by their videos and lyrics, Mexican band Los Blenders can’t get enough partying at the beach. They’re a surf rock quartet after all. In support of their new album Chavos Bien, the band previously released two beach party videos–the memorable mirrey-filled yacht ride in the video for the title track, as well as the more modest beach trip in “Amigos.” But the clip for “Playa Jacó” offers a playful spin on the narrative of what I’ll call The Beach Trilogy.

SER, Pollux, and Super Legitimothe Costa Rican trio behind Ave Negra’s “CSI” video, produced the clip. Instead of showing the band getting wasted once again, “Playa Jacó” portrays the disastrous yet cute world of 600+ carefree zaguates at a rescue center in the mountains of Alajuela, Costa Rica. And of course, the video features a trip to the beach, packed with more than enough running, falling, and splashing.

The lyrics for “Playa Jacó”–whose namesake is the infamous Costa Rican beach where gringos go to get drunk and find some ladies–describe the perks of visiting paradise, with plenty of Costa Rican slang for taking drugs and hooking up. The song was inspired by a trip the lead singer took to Playa Jacó with members of Las Robertas and Ave Negra, when Los Blenders first visited Costa Rica in 2013.