Chilean Wunderkid Oddó Goes Nu-Cumbia With Los Chipitos De Chapultepec

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We’ve always had a place in our hearts for Oddó. The talented musician is one of those creative types who will always surprise you with whatever he comes up with next. Such is the case with Los Chipitos De Chapultepec.

Los Chipitos is Oddó, Martin Benavides, and Mauricio Gaulleguillos, a trio of musician-DJs busting out the South American version of 3BallMTY. The trio, who know each other from their work on Oddó’s various projects as well as time spent working with Francisca Valenzuela, mix nu-cumbia with doses of house, trap, chicha, and more for psychedelic fun.

Listen and download the trio’s self-titled debut EP at their website.