Bay Area’s Mysterious Trio Los Disco Duro Drop Sticky Ñu-Cumbia with a Retro Vocoder

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Dancing cumbia on a sticky floor is not an easy task. Maybe you experienced this, I know I did and I’m pretty sure the mysterious dudes behind the new Bay Area ñu-cumbia trio Los Disco Duro know a thing or two about it.

That’s what “Ritmo Pegajoso” is all about. The second self-released single, from the guys who cover their identities behind oversized solar visors like Chinese old ladies, is now available on 7” vinyl (order your copy here). Following the successful formula of their first, Los Disco Duro’s new opus is all about ’80s-style vocoder over irresistible cumbia grooves. But that’s just one side, on the flip side they gave the same treatment to a hilarious quebradita!

For a limited time you can download “Ritmo Pegajoso” for free but I suggest you order a copy of the limited edition 45RPM single as well and listen to it the way it was meant to be listened.