Los Macuanos Tease New Album with Foreboding CGI Clip for “La Derrota”

Los Macuanos are forecasting an equally turbulent future to the times we’re currently experiencing with the release of their new track and video “#1DMX.” The track, which has been a staple opening track in the crew’s set for some time now, contains field recordings from the original #1DMX protests that took place in December 1, 2012 when Peña Nieto took office. With this video dropped on the first of December this year, the release makes some deliberate connections to the sense of foreboding that’s been in play the past few years, reaching new intensity with the Ayotzinapa tragedy.

The video also serves as a somewhat ambiguous hint toward their upcoming project La Derrota, which will culminate with a full-length album sometime around December 1, 2015 with the tagline “Aquí termina la patria.”