Los Master Plus Rap About Girls and YouTube Haters in Arabian-Themed Video “Suave Leve”

Los Master Plus are about to drop their first full length album Adelante, and to get the motor running they have released a very fun and rhythmic single with a video that surpasses expectation of what the dynamic duo are capable of doing.

“Suave Leve” is an electronic cumbia full of Casio-level synth horns and a drum beat aided by arabic percussion that finds Los Master rapping about YouTube haters and girls who sing along to their tunes, something you might have never expected (I mean, the rapping part, not the what they are rapping about). The video, directed by Mariana Gutierrez Lascurain Gual, is a veritable mindfuck of a good time.

Keeping with the drum beat and horns, it’s set on the desert and it’s arabian-themed, except there’s ninjas? And a tattooed female sheik (sheikess, I think is the term) and bellydancers out to vanquish Los Master Plus? There’s even a Steve Aoki lookalike making a cameo appearance…or perhaps he is the real deal? I’m not sure. I’m confused but delighted.

Adelante will be released early next year and will feature guests spots by Camilo Lara, Caloncho, and Gil Cerezo, among others. Check out the video and its crazy kasbah sound.