Los Nastys Frolic in a Spanish Mansion in the “No Hay Amor En Las Calles” Video

Madrid’s Los Nastys are a band that proudly hails from the young, loud, and snotty school of rock. That’s why you’ll be doing double takes after watching this video, wondering if this is indeed the same group that gave us anthems like “Fumar, Beber y Romper.” In their new clip, Los Nastys frolic across a gigantic Spanish mansion – and look quite at home while they’re at it.

The Fernando Valenti-directed clip showcases another side of the band, one that has little to do with the carefree garage punk rebellion they’re known for. As they describe it, this video is “a velvety nightmare, the kind you’ll want to return to, one that flirts with the sex appeal of Satan and Richie Rich, all in the warmth of your own home.”

Indeed, Los Nastys live up to the lifestyle of the rich and famous, as we see them indulging in activities exclusive to those with time and money to burn.

The track, off their 2016 album Cannibal Business, is quite a contrast to what we see in the video itself. It’s an energetic blast of broken riffs and shouted vocals that gets kicked into overdrive at the end of the song.

Check our premiere of “No Hay Amor En Las Calles” above.

Los Nastys’ Cannibal Business is out now on Nacional Records.