Los Prietos Bring Us a Summer Jam Straight From Batey Libertad

“Mami No Te Kille” by Los Prietos is a summer jam in the making, straight from Batey Libertad in Dominican Republic. The song and video came out last July and are seeing renewed interest after being shared via social media by Freaky Philip, the Santo Domingo-based DJ and Moombaton producer.

Los Prietos sing about the usual struggles of love and seduction over a sick beat that sounds like a dembow remix of Freddy Gerardo’s classic “El Pollito.” Do not mistake it for referential; the song is high energy fun, full of humor and originality, and greatly enhanced by the video’s description as “a song of our community.”

Bateys are small impoverished communities for sugar cane plantation workers, famous for cultural crossbreeding of language, music, and religion between local Dominican employees and Haitians who’ve migrated to find work. The message of unity within the community is particularly relevant in light of the ongoing Haitian immigration controversy.

It’s also important to note Los Prietos as more than a simple music project. They are directly involved with Little Shirt Films, who produced their video, and Yspaniola, an education focused non-profit based in Batey Libertad.