Los Rivera Destino Announce Long-Awaited Debut Album, Share New Single ‘Sin Ti’

Lead Photo: Photo by Alejandro Melendez. Courtesy of the Artist.
Photo by Alejandro Melendez. Courtesy of the Artist.
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After eight straight years making people laugh with their music, Boricua trio Los Rivera Destino are finally dropping their long-awaited debut album on Sony U.S. Latin next year. Formed by Carlos Figueroa, Fernando Tarrazo, and Antonio Sánchez, Los Rivera Destino have made their way into people’s hearts with their humor and sociopolitical commentary, but they were catapulted to popularity thanks to their bolero cover of “Te Boté,” and subsequent collaboration with Benito Martinez, a.k.a. Bad Bunny, on their original track “Flor.

Before their Ismael Cancel-produced album drops in 2021, Los Rivera Destino have shared its first preview, “Sin Ti,” a more contemporary twist on their usual vintage sound. It’s a fun song reminiscing of a smooth, tropical version of Los Rodriguez, and it deals with the feeling of missing things and people in our lives.

“The act of missing is visceral, whether it be a past lover, an old friend, a pet or a home,” says the band in a press release. “This year, we’ve all had major changes in our lives that make us look back and realize what we’ve taken for granted. Moments shared that we thought were unlimited, now remain alive in our memory. But we still need to have a sense of humor about these things to survive.”

“Sin Ti” comes with a “Who Let the Dogs Out”-inspired animated music video directed by Sebastián Mejía, where we can see Figueroa, Tarrazo, and Sánchez as pets in a world of anthropomorphic dogs. After escaping their home, the three of them wreak havoc around town, while their owner looks for them tirelessly. But very much in line with the song’s lyrics, they all meet again when they realize they just miss each other too much.