On “Halloween,” Los Rusos Hijos De Puta Channel Siouxsie Sioux

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Ministry might have claimed that every day is Halloween for them. And based on the latest from Los Rusos Hijos De Puta, it looks like they’re not the only ones looking forward to stuffing their faces with candy and dressing up as sexy pirates.

While it might seem a little strange that the Argentine punk provocateurs are releasing an ode to All Hallow’s Eve just before Spring hits its stride, nothing the quartet does should surprise us. Perhaps they’e nostalgic for a gloomier time and they’d like to fast forward to that time of year when we invoke ghouls and ghosts. In fact, if we revisit their “Los Pibe” video, it’s possible to interpret it as a form of trick or treating – except instead of taking candy, they’re forcing their music on passersby. Egging front doors with decibels, if you will.

Back to the song in question, “Halloween” inhabits the sunny side of goth with guitar chords that are fuller and clearer than expected; the song also has some uplifting synth lines. But these elements don’t dilute the punk edge that has endeared Los Rusos Hijos de Puta to so many people. And don’t think the band is ironically giving a happy-go-lucky song a title that conjures images of witches and monsters; in fact, Luludot Viento seems to be channeling her inner Siouxsie Sioux with her vocal delivery.

Judging by this song, Los Rusos Hijos De Puta are working on some fine music to come. Can’t wait for the rest to come our way; hopefully, this new material will see the light of day before houses start displaying Jack O’Lanterns on their porches.

Check them out at Vive Latino on March 13th.