Los Vigilantes’ Video for “Mejor” Takes Campy Cues from John Waters

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Decontrol Video

While the next full-length from Los Vigilantes remains an in-the-works project with no release date just yet, today, the Puerto Rican band delivers another reminder that last year’s EP Viento, Sereno y El Mar was one of their most fun outings to date. In addition to including a breezy Japanese track and a guest spot growl from guitarist Jorge Mundo’s furbaby (Ana, the Beyoncé of dogs), now it’s got a thoroughly campy clip to accompany “Mejor,” a cover of 60s band Los Brincos, later boosted as 80s pop by Menudo.

On looks alone, guitarist Pepe Carballido’s character would easily in the cast of Cry-Baby; she dons a blonde wig, hoops, a headscarf, and a leather-and-leopard print combo. It’s definitely the food fetish that adds an extra John Waters-style oomph, though. This girl happily gets around, and typically brings snacks along. She’s hand-feeding fruit and popcorn to bassist Javi Garrote, and in another scene, she’s watching Mundo gobble corn. But she finds time to hang with drummer Rafa Díaz too — corn is involved at one point, and in a separate barnyard scene, he looks on adoringly while she relaxes in an outdoor washtub.

Mundo says the Waters-esque outcome was mostly accidental; they actually meant to make something more like the surreal work of David Lynch. Decontrol, their go-to videographers, brought in Carballido, hoping to gain some experience while studying film and collaborate on the concept. All their personalities feature heavily in the mix. Things naturally turned campy.

Like a Waters flick, there’s a message embedded in the silly absurdism. Gender performance is a construct, and sexuality is fluid. And yes, even folks who don’t necessarily identify as queer can explore both.

“The way we feel about it is you should be able to be and act however you want to act, as long as you’re not doing it with the malice of hurting anybody else,” Mundo says. “And we’re definitely not doing it with malice. Whatever — we kiss boys. Whatever, we’re friends.”

Watch our premiere of “Mejor” above.

Los Vigilantes’ Viento, Sereno y el Mar is out now on Mandiga Records.