Dive Into 90s Nostalgia With Los Waldners’ Video for “Periodistas”

Lead Photo: Photo by Kim Torres

Since the release of their debut LP Eclipse Total Del Corazón, Costa Rican band Los Waldners has garnered attention from their well-crafted outsider lyrics, catchy rythms, and energetic shows. Because of this, they’ve been invited to play in Mexico, Costa Rica’s Epicentro, and soon at Colombia’s Hermoso Ruido.

Just before their trip to Bogotá, the band has shared a true throwback to the 90s in the video for their new single “Periodistas.” The clip uses old footage filmed on VCR by Reinaldo Carballo, father of the band’s singer and composer Luis Carballo. It tells the story of spy chase, as performed by his sons, nephews, and neighbors. For old time’s sake, Luis grabbed the footage and rearranged it into a clip.

“I’ve been wanting to use this footage for something and I finally made it,” says Luis. “This ‘film’ is the kind of thing that we joke about at family parties when we remember old times. It’s actually filmed on the same tape of an old rezo del niño; that’s why it has footage of the kids teasing each other outside the house while their parents were inside praying.”

The boy’s performances, the VCR recording, and the accidental props from the 90s (D.A.R.E. T-shirts, brightly-colored plastic guns, and a cell phone with an antenna, to name a few) make the clip candid and funny.

“Periodistas” will be part of an EP the band plans to release by September. This EP – whose name is still a mystery – will contain some fan favorites from their shows. Check out the full tracklist:

1. Periodistas
2. Taquicardia que Se Siente Bien
3. El Diablo
4. Un Amor
5. Y de la Mía
6. Vladi