Los Yumas’ “Los Foreign” Drags with Swagger

Pxxr Gvng are doing everything in their power to become the top name in real Spanish hip-hop. Not only are they constantly doing videos and making appearances in high-ranking stages like Sonar Festival, they’re also finding new ways to get attention from rap fans at home and abroad.

Another step in that direction is their new supergroup (or should I say, supercrew?) Los Yumas, a union that finds Gvng members Yung Beef, Khaled, D. Gómez, and producer Steve Lean joining forces with duo Los Zafiros for a very special mixtape that is threatening to take Spanish-language trap to a whole new level.

The video is pretty spare, just the members of Los Yumas rapping in a graffiti-covered alley showcasing their skills and attitude. The track, however, is much more than that, with each of the emcees taking their turn on the mic, demonstrating their many different styles over a Steve Lean beat that borders on horrorcore, somehow dragging without sacrificing swagger. It’s got something for everybody.