Lowboy Find Warmth in Dark Synthpop in the Video for “Panorama”

Synthpop can be suitable for partying and having a good time, but the best practitioners of the genre know that at the core of the drum machine rhythms and infectious melodies, there’s a dark heart beating. Mexico City duo Lowboy know this, and they exploit this quality above festive vibes others might favor.

“Panorama” is an introspective number with plenty of rhythm and synth atmospheres. Post-rock guitars swell at key points in the arrangement, giving the track more weight and drama. But it never gets bombastic, because they know how to balance good songwriting with mood. The song is complemented by a nostalgic video that features lo-fi photography, old family pictures, and shots of the duo in very dark settings. It’s heavy stuff, but there’s a warmth to the darkness.

Lowboy started in 2011 as a trio, but broke up before doing anything of note. Then, members Luisa Almaguer (vocals/synths) and Enrique Servín (guitar) joined forces again in 2013 to score some short films. They have since recorded an LP produced by Abel Casillas from fellow dark electropop act La Era Vulgar. The album will be available later this year.

Their remarkable skills as songwriters and bards of musical sorrow sure will have people coming back to witness their promising evolution.