LSDXOXO’s “Sacanagem” is Mixtape for Crying and Getting Weird in the Club

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Philly-based, Dominican-rooted producer LSDXOXO dropped his Sacanagem mixtape last week, a 13-track tape that whose sound he’s self-described as “crying in the club”– inviting us back to the notion of the club as a divinely filthy place for working all of the emotions out on the dance floor. The results don’t always have to be pretty, and this release – a derelict flip on pop music with a title that translates to “lewd” in Portuguese in tribute to its baile funk influences–is a reminder that the output can be perfectly unsettling.

The ambitious project takes on the full-blown album approach, running the gamut from R&B cuts to grotesque pop modifications. For the occasion, LSDXOXO has assembled a heavy cameo list of the club underground with BBYMUTHA, Cakes da Killa, and Camp & Street labelmates Don Christian and Rahel making appearances.

The resulting product runs through introspective minimal house as on “Susss”; euphoric club moments that fall between mutant baile funk and Baltimore club with “Baphomet Baile”; and Cakes’ flawless delivery on “Cold Wintour.” With an audio bank that dips heavily into the Masters at Work’s “Ha Dance” resurgence, the recognizable sample stab takes a passive, distorted place at the background of the compositions to make room for the morose leaning club experimentations.

Cheers to LSDXOXO for helping to make the dance floor a resolutely weirder place.