Spanish Trap Gets a Defining Anthem With LWLGHT, John Grvy, and Yung Beef’s “Ohmai”

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Epic tracks should not be judged by their length. At three minutes, LWLGHT’s new joint could be considered average at first glance, but in that short time, there’s a lot to swallow.

LWLGHT is a Madrid-based production duo we’ve been giving some love recently, and with good reason  –they’re some of the most exciting beatmakers in Spain right now. “Ohmai” is a perfect example of what they’re capable of.

The track boasts an irresistible, cinematic beat that only becomes more epic with every passing minute. It starts with an organ sample before the beat swarms and a cataclysmic whirlwind emerges. As if this wasn’t enough, John Grvy sings an auto-tuned hook that will keep you hitting the repeat button for the rest of the day. Yung Beef also has a significant contribution here, getting contemplative for his verse, or at least as contemplative as a member of the PXXR GVNG can be.

Press play and get your trap fix of the week here.