Yung Beef, John Grvy, and LWLGHT’s “Ohmai” Video is a Warped Urban Collage

Lead Photo: Photo by P. Villanueva

After a recording stint in Los Angeles, Madrid-based production duo LWLGHT is polishing off its upcoming EP, which will see the light of day in September. From what we’ve heard, it will be packed with fresh new Spanish stars. Want some proof? The previously released first single off the EP, “Ohmai,” features cameos by none other than R&B crooner John Grvy and PXXR GVNG‘s own Yung Beef. The three of them made a cinematic auto-tuned banger that will have you bouncing instantly.

The single’s music video, on the other hand, is a collage of footage from different sources, like VHS tapes and digital cameras, featuring all the artists involved in the song. They roam through what seems to be the streets of Madrid, rapping and singing on darkened street corners. The video spotlights Yung Beef, aka Fernandito Kit Kat, and his contemplative, strongly delivered verses. Between shaky and slowed down takes, Grvy shows up to sing that ridiculously infectious hook, and LWLGHT just shows up to vibe. There are also images of runway walks, computer error screens, video games, adding a deliciously disorienting effect.