Mad Lucas Chases Eternal Summer in New Video

Chilean singer J. Lucas Aravena’s video for “Summer’s Gone” is populated with familiar set pieces of an American summer: Coney Island, the Aquarium in New York, and Venice Beach in California, along with footage shot while driving on the highway. Much like his sound, it’s not a hugely original approach, but it’s relatable, inviting, and intimate.

Mad Lucas forthcoming second album, The Sun/The Moon, was written as two contrasting collections of songs; the more melancholy side being The Moon, which was written while Aravena was living in Argentina; while The Sun which was conceived when he returned home to Chile, is more wide eyed and vibrant. “Summer’s Gone” is the first single from the album.

In between the family video-like takes, there’s some footage of Mad Lucas’ band playing their energetic live show; sadly, there’s no evidence of one of most talked about aspects of their act, when Lucas takes over drum, guitar and singing duties at the same time. Having never talked to the man I wouldn’t know, but perhaps Lucas is just one of those people chasing the eternal summer. At least “Summer’s Gone” seems to run after the season and ponders what would it happen if he can’t always reach it.