Madonna Licked Maluma’s Toes in the “Medellín” Video, So It’s Even More Extra Than We Feared

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music
Courtesy of Universal Music
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Madonna is no stranger to pushing her fans’ buttons –– especially when it comes to her music videos. It’s hard to forget the impact that videos such as “Like a Prayer” and “Like a Virgin” had on the pop landscape in their day. As one of the world’s biggest pop stars, and frequent provocateur, Madonna’s made it her goal to keep audiences on their toes. And with her latest video for “Medellín,” featuring Maluma, she’s even pivoted to licking toes.

“Medellín” is also the first single from her upcoming 14th studio album Madame X which, according to a press release, draws on her so-called “career-long affair with Latin music and culture as well as other global influences.”

Always the purveyor of the latest trends, Madonna is never one to fall behind on the day’s latest fashions. Aside from her embrace of the dembow riddim that’s recently gained favor in pop music, the video also showcases her visibly ardent support of the Yeehaw agenda, as she dons a cowboy hat, at one point even crowning Maluma with it, effectively welcoming him into yeehaw culture.

We later see an elaborately choreographed ballroom dancing session, which is just foreplay for the upcoming bedroom scene, in which the two video’s stars drink champagne in post-coital bliss, before the “Isla Bonita” singer passionately licks Maluma’s big toe.

The video then moves on to an outdoor wedding party/masquerade ball, in which the newlywed Madame X and Maluma celebrate their nuptials, having “built a cartel of love.”

Watch the wild video below: