Houston Club Label Majía Unleashes a Compilation to Fight for Immigrant Youth

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Santa Muerte
Courtesy of Santa Muerte
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The list of important causes and grassroots organizations in need of financial assistance – especially those committed to Latinx issues – is growing at an alarming rate. Some artists have taken it upon themselves to bring peers and collaborators together to find ways to turn art into aid, and Houston-based label Majía is joining the fight with a compilation series titled Exhibition. Each installment intends to raise money for a designated charity. For this first edition, Majía is donating to United We Dream – a youth-led organization that provides safe spaces for young people, regardless of their immigrant status. Santa Muerte, who run Majía, are also looking to showcase tracks by artists who not only push the boundaries of club and dance music, but are willing to donate 100 percent of the proceeds.

The stacked lineup of collaborators includes producers from across the club music spectrum, like M.E.S.H. (Pan), v1984 (Build), Paul Marmota (La Vendición), and DEBIT (NAAFI). The 16-track compilation is brimming with talent and exceptional compositions, proof that the series is not only committed to showcasing the artistry of its creators, but also a sense of social justice.

Stream a preview of the compilation via Bandcamp, and donate to get the full download and support immigrant youth.