Malportado Kids Deliver Highly Danceable Anti-Colonial Propaganda on “Bruja Cósmica”

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Providence, Rhode Island’s resident fire-starters Malportado Kids have shared a preview off their forthcoming Total Cultura EP with their newest track, “Bruja Cósmica.” Artist-activists Victoria Ruiz and Joey La Neve DeFrancesco–also members of Downtown Boys–are out to deliver “danceable propaganda constantly reminding us to take back the power with the enormous power we already have.”

“Bruja Cósmica” is all warped accordion melody to a tropi-dance punk beat. Shouting out the anti-colonial revolution in Spanglish, their sound is a reminder that the future might as well be lo-fi drum machines and Ruiz’s vocals calling out celestial brujería – because who ever said you can’t dance while plotting the goddamn takeover?

Catch them the 15th at the Black Cat in Washington, DC, and Friday the 17th at Bowery Ballroom with their collaborators in the revolution-through-music future, Ana Tijoux and Rebel Diaz. Keep an eye out for their second EP Total Cultura out in June on Dead Labour.