Manu Chao Drops New Music For the First Time in 10 Years

After a decade since his last studio album La Radiolina, the legend Manu Chao is back with three new tracks and lots of speculation. All three of the new songs are accompanied by videos and are available to download for free on his website.

Two of the three tracks are works under his name. “No Solo En China Hay Futuro” is trova/folk cut with lyrics focusing on keeping a positive mindset, something that comes naturally for Manu. The same goes for the reggae groove and Wailers-like harmonies of “Words Of Truth.”

The third track, however, holds the biggest promise of them all. “Moonlight Avenue” is attributed not to Manu Chao but to Ti.po.ta, a duo consisting of him and Greek singer-actress Klelia Renesi. According to Manu, the duo records at home, with a mission to create “sounds, words, images and dreams.” Musically, both duet on the singsongy and delightful track, which doesn’t divert too much from his typical sound.

It’s not exactly clear what will happen on the Manu Chao front, since there’s not much news apart from the music. Billboard speculates that two records might drop this year, one under his own name as well as a Ti.po.ta joint. And while there’s been numerous rumors of Manu Chao playing festivals such as Vive Latino only to be shot down by the singer himself, he has five confirmed dates in France this year, so perhaps we’ll see more on the way.

Watch the three videos below: