“Margarito” Is The Latest Anti-Police Brutality Anthem, By Mexico’s Serko Fu

Being a victim of police brutality is definitely not the exclusive privilege of people in Gringolandia (seen the news lately?).  Here’s a story loosely based on real facts, about a Mexican kid who was unfairly detained and abused by the puercos, in the form of an epic rap song.

Gómez Palacio’s Serko Fu (from the mythical Caballeros Del Plan G crew) plants himself as one of the best storytellers of rap en español with this brand new track dropping at such a pertinent time. The story of Margarito (the real criminals should be his parents for naming him that!) is sadly all too familiar for marginal urban kids, anywhere in Latin America, who are routinely harassed by the police based only on their looks.

Lots of dope graffiti (Serko started as a graffiti artist himself, reads his bio) add color to this almost unnecessary video (the precise rhymes already paint a perfectly visual story).