Maria Chavez Ventures Into Otherworldly Soundscapes on NTS Radio

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Sound artist Maria Chavez isn’t the type to slow her roll when it comes to working on new art or DJing all over the world. The Peruvian-American artist is currently on tour in London while simultaneously debuting a sound sculpture as part of a group show at Present Company Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

The industrious artist is heading back to the U.S. soon, but not without leaving behind some sonic goodies while she’s in the British Isles. Her latest mix is a live recording from NTS Radio, where she goes through some of her own favorite tracks, featuring ambient pieces like Steve Reich’s famous acoustic piece Electric Counterpoint, minimal techno tracks like Kowton’s Glock & Roll or her own projects like Gel Manipulation. Check out the full mix above and be sure to visit the exhibition if you’re in Brooklyn.