Maria Usbeck’s “Nostalgia” Is a Sunny Synth Pop Track About Aging

Lead Photo: Photo by Holland Brown. Courtesy of Cascine
Photo by Holland Brown. Courtesy of Cascine
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Last month, NYC-based Ecuadorian artist Maria Usbeck gave us “Amor Anciano,” a gorgeously restrained synth-pop tune about old-time lovers meeting again after years apart. With that song, she set off the countdown for the release of her upcoming sophomore album, Envejeciendo, and introduced us to the concept of the follow-up to her debut album. Dropping on August 16 via Cascine, the album deals with aging and our obsession with getting older through humor and optimism.

Usbeck now drops “Nostalgia,” the second single off Envejeciendo, a sunny track to dance alone to, built with a bouncy bass line, pillowy synth chords, and a skipping beat often hard to grasp. She spends half the song singing incomplete thoughts – ideas that come to her mind but she can’t seem to materialize. But she finally finds the words, delicately singing: “No me gusta, no sé por qué/Será que es nostalgia/Tal vez es la vejez.” She successfully evokes the unavoidable and familiar feeling we get as we grow older that makes it hard for us to connect with new trends, and that’s when the nostalgia for what’s long gone kicks in.

With this new single, Usbeck also announced her Envejeciendo album release show, which is taking place on September 4 at The Sultan Room at The Turk’s Inn in Brooklyn. For more information and tickets, click here.

Envejeciendo is out August 16 on Cascine.