María y José Births Alter-Ego Johnny Dominicana With This Ranchera-Inspired Track

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María y José, Tony Gallardo, Tony Gallardo II… You should be aware by now that Antonio Jiménez has a restless mind and a passion for pseudonyms. As a New Year resolution for 2015, he decided to release a new track at least once a month. Each song will be by a made-up band or artist, and all of them comprise a project called Apatía Nacional.

The first track delivered is “Trópico de Acuario,” by Johnny Dominicana. Here, we already find Jiménez stepping out of past works, singing over a ranchera-like guitar sample, added percussion, and hip-hop beat. This is a fun and interesting project, and we’re puzzled by what he will come up with on future releases.