Marineros’ “El Lado Oscuro de Tu Corazón” Proves They’re Chile’s Next Dream Pop Heroines

Lead Photo: Photo by Camila Valdés
Photo by Camila Valdés
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Chilean duo Marineros are breaking the typical album cycle rules, and they seem like they’re doing pretty much whatever they want at this point. They just released their fifth (!) single, and we still don’t have concrete details regarding their Cristián Heyne-produced debut album, other than the fact that it will drop late this year. But, hey! As long as they keep putting out great music, that’s totally fine with us.

Their new single is called “El lado oscuro de tu corazón,” and it shows Marineros at their most romantic yet. Singer Constanza Espina wears her heart on her sleeve, as she and her lover drift apart. “Tu silencio o mi timidez/no sé qué es,” she sings in her beautiful and breathy voice, searching for the answer, while a steady beat, sparse reverbed percussion, and Soledad Puentes‘ incredible guitar work and arrangements wrap her in a warm blanket. What’s even more impressive is how good the songwriting here is. Pop stars should be fighting over this song.