Mateo Kingman Explores A Cosmic Inner World In New “Tejidos” Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Saul Endara / Courtesy of the Artist
Photo by Saul Endara / Courtesy of the Artist
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Over the years, Ecuadorian rapper Mateo Kingman has become a proficient navigator of the intangible ridges of existence, exploring themes of environmentalism, identity, spirituality and emotional empathy in every new production. With “Tejidos,” the second single off Kingman’s forthcoming sophomore album Astro (due out on July 26), the MC looks inward, staring into the existential void of limbo and casting it as a natural transition between life and death.

“‘Tejidos’ corresponds to the most cosmic part of the album,” says Kingman via press release. “It is a dialogue between the traveller and the snakes/vehicles of the universe; the moment before the disintegration of the being; the first contact with the stars and the void.”

The snake, as Kingman references, is a recurring symbol of death and oblivion in pre-Hispanic cultures. While our own modern views on the reptile, as well as death, are loaded with foreboding, history shows they hold sacred value as guides and conduits into the spiritual realm. The animated clip for “Tejidos,” directed by filmmaker Adriana Crespo, merges all these concepts by weaving shots of a man falling through the cosmos into montages of enormous snake bodies and literal threads that wrap him and create physical connections with the stars.

“Tejidos” was co-produced by Kingman and Ivis Flies and features a unique vocal style new to the rapper’s stylistic repertoire. “In ”Tejidos,’ we explore a dancing musical cadence,” says Kingman. “It’s an experiment to connect with your body through dance and at the same time reflect on your inner world.”

“Tejidos” is out now.