Matías Aguayo’s Cómeme Presents Supergroup RIONEGRO With Tribal House Jam “Amazonas”

Today, Matías Aguayo’s label Cómeme is releasing the first single from RIONEGRO, an ensemble of its best producers and Latino music enthusiasts, such as Colombian producers Sano, Gladkazuka, and Aguayo himself. The single is called “Amazonas,” like the river that intersects different South American cultures and musical styles.

RIONEGRO reinvents cumbia through MPC sounds and heavy basslines. But “Amazonas” seems to draw inspiration from Caribbean and Andean sounds through tribal drums and psychedelic synths. It’s a sort of ritualistic jam, a good introduction to a record that’s full of heavy (and lengthy) songs, massive bass lines, and organic rhythms.

The songs were recorded in the mountains of Medellín, Colombia. The project was then finished in The District Union, Aguayo’s studio in Berlin. The full album will be available on October 30.