Matías Aguayo Debuts New Post-Electronic Project The Desdemonas With Dystopian Video for “Cold Fever”

After years as a globetrotting party monster, legendary Chilean producer Matías Aguayo is stepping out from behind the decks and onto center stage as the front man of a new post-electronic foursome named The Desdemonas, featuring drummer Matteo Scrimali, keyboardist Henning Specht, and guitarist Gregorio Gomez. The band’s debut album Sofarnopolis is based on a fictional story about a group of teenagers living in a dystopian society, and it’s slated for release via Crammed Discs on October 13. Remezcla has the first look at Aguayo’s brave new world with the premiere of the “Cold Fever” video, an animated romp about the joys of freedom, sex, and rock n’ roll.

The inspiration behind “Cold Fever” is the cool despondence of Sofarnopolis, a fictional reimagining of the underground nightlife scene of major cities like Berlin. Echoes of Krautrock and coked-out 70s Bowie can be heard throughout the song and in Aguayo’s laid-back, disaffected vocals. The video, in turn, is a cheeky noir that tells the story of a young DJ that enjoys partying and hooking up with her crew of friends. As Aguayo explains in a press release, “Sofarnopolis is an imaginary city, maybe in a parallel world, where bands are still the hottest thing and the record industry is big. There are bands like the Desdemonas, Solid Bass, Cold Fever and Jonnie Frugo that play in different clubs, The Rabbithole being the most legendary one. It’s about a bunch of kids experiencing that legendary period.”

Aguayo has poured himself into every aspect of the new album, composing the songs in English, Spanish, and German, as well as illustrating the drawings on which the video for “Cold Fever” is based, with animation from Céline Keller. Regardless of this new live format, Matías Aguayo has always been a rock star – a musical wizard with an effervescent personality to boot. The Desdemonas represent yet another facet of Aguayo’s acrobatic creativity and we can’t wait to see the project unfold in all its gritty glory.

Matias Aguayo and The Desdemonas’ “Cold Fever” 7″ vinyl and digital single drops September 1 via Crammed Discs. Pre-order it here. Sofarnopolis drops officially on October 13.