MC Peligro Travels Back to the Garden of Eden Days in New “DMT” Video

This Mexbow queen hailing from Guadalajara, but living out life’s unending fantasies in the Nayarit Riviera, is sure to get everybody’s panties up in a bunch this year. MC Peligro aka Ethel Verduzco, Caio and Hugo are about to pioneer this sound fronted by a female on the sought out stages of Vive Latino 2015, the biggest and most famous Mexican music festival there is up to date for national –and international– bands.

Vive Latino has played host to a sea of endless talent and has famously been the claim to fame for up and coming artists. MC Peligro with their unique, fun and spiritual music vibes aims to be one such act. Their new and, may we say, entrancing video “DMT (Dos Mentes Terrenales)” by Infinito Corazón (∞ <3) reverberates with our primitive human nature and continues the spiritual message this trio has so consciously been communicating through their music.