(Me Llamo) Sebastián Is a Real-Life Sims Character in the Video for “Sol, Cuídate”

(Me Llamo) Sebastián just dropped the video for “Sol, Cuídate,” and it’s the sparkly virtual tearjerker the Sims could only dream about. This latest single off last year’s La Belleza LP finds (Me Llamo) mourning a defunct relationship. Though the imagery of the video is still thematically queer, the song remains refreshingly apolitical – a welcome reminder that El Niño Rosado can still make our hearts swell and break through honest songwriting. (Me Llamo) parallels his feelings of loss with the self-destructive eating habits that punctuated the relationship during and after its demise. When his ex tells him “Sol, Cuídate,” he bitterly retorts with “Si me cuidara ya no comería papas fritas.”

The video is just as beautiful and delicate as the song itself, modeled after classic RPGs and The Sims, with a healthy dose of vaporwave aesthetics to keep things pastel and kitsch. (Me Llamo) pours his heart out while singing in different browser windows, and selects clothing for his and his lover’s avatars, choosing the wacky and endearing outfits that often make him look like a real-life video game character. Despite the cutesiness, heartbreak is never far behind, and when (Me Llamo) Sebastián sings, “cuídate Sol, cuídate” in the voice of his lover, he can only respond with one final despondent blow, “Además se suponía que eso lo harías tú.”

Reach for the tissues and watch the video above.