(Me Llamo) Sebastián and Entrópica Team Up for Sparkling Disco on “Casino”

If there’s one thing the Chilean indie scene doesn’t lack, it’s a strong female presence. Ana Tijoux, Javiera Mena, and Francisca Valenzuela have all opened doors for women in contemporary Chilean music, with many more names on the up and up. One such rising star is Entrópica, whose synth-heavy take on Italo disco is a heightened form of the Chilean electropop sound we’ve come to know and love. Her image makes as strong a statement as her music, since she opts for tough asymmetrical hairstyles, neon makeup, and an avant-garde sense of style. These looks, as well as many of Entrópica’s other inspirations, are featured in the video for her latest single “Casino,” a sleek and sexy pop banger, featuring guest vocals by (Me Llamo) Sebastián.

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The video puts Entrópica’s taste for bold visuals on full display, with lots of backlit shots and art direction that references iconic 80s imagery like Knight Rider and The Karate Kid. The video also manages to feel luxe, with scenes set on a beachside villa as well as a private jet. One of the video’s most unexpected and welcome decisions was to style (Me Llamo) Sebastián in a dapper suit and tie and shoot him in black and white; it’s a far cry from his colorful and flamboyant Niño Rosado persona. Ultimately, the video remains a playful companion piece to an already exuberant song.

“Casino” is the lead single off Al Espacio, Entrópica’s third EP, to be released in March via Ponk Records.