Mediopicky and Behind The Tigers Seduce Us With “Sazón”

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Just before you could ask yourself “what’s up with the scene in the Dominican Republic?” we got a brand new track from an artist who seems hellbent on putting the country on the Latin American music map, with a little help from some new friends.

Mediopicky has been busy as of late, first releasing the Sancocho EP back in December, and then dropping some videos to promote the release. Now he’s back with a fresh new track in collaboration with up and coming duo Behind The Tigers (a “reverse pocho” treatment of the DR slang phrase “detrá’ de lo’ tigre’”). When I say fresh, I mean that “Sazón” is like drinking a glass of coconut water on the beach.

“Sazón” is an electro R&B track that avoids the cliches that are starting to cling to the “neo soul” tag (sometimes, some of those tracks remind me of ritzy bar ambiance music made by third rate Portishead imitators from the late 90s). Mediopicky and Behind The Tigers bring the funk, balancing the groove with a mild digital treatment. It’s a very rich track that feels smooth without being mellow. Imagine a night at the height of summer; the drinks are flowing, the temperature rises, your dancing partner looks like the most irresistible person in the world; then this song comes on, your bodies get even closer together, and that’s when the thought “this is one of the greatest nights of my life” sets in.

“Sazón” captures that emotion perfectly.

With Mediopicky and Behind The Tigers seduction is comforting yet full of flavor. A great recipe.