Meet Audri Nix, Puerto Rico’s Newest Laid Back MC

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Adding to a Puerto Rican landscape already filled with legendary dembow producers and reggaeton MCs, Boricua rap music has been on the rise in the last couple of years, giving hip-hop en español – which typically has been very keen on staying true to old school traditions –a fresh approach.

Audri Nix is an up and coming female voice in Boricua rap and this “1,000 MPH” is her calling card to the world, with the blessing of OVERLORD, a local producer in Puerto Rico known for giving acts like Alvaro Diaz and Füete Billete some game changing beats. “1,000 MPH” is a smooth and lush track that does justice to Audri’s laid back flows and soft chorus lines. It’s a dark melody intertwined with bike drive bys that créate an atmosphere of elegant torque and speed. Definitely worth keeping an eye out on this new talent that’s just getting started with her work.