Billie Mandoki is So Good She Booked Mutek Festival Before Releasing An Album

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Née: Camille Mandoki.
Raíces: The picturesque neighborhood of Coyoacan, Mexico City.
Sounds like: Frosty soundscapes and warm voices.
You should listen to Billie Mandoki because…she has a natural talent for combining the tragical with the beautiful in a skillful way.


23 year old Billie started writing poetry a few years back but switched her focus to learn piano and voice along the way. Afterwards, she started recording her experimentations on her computer, aided by a fine ear and voracious appetite for music. Soon, her songs started finding an audience and landed her a gig at this year’s MUTEK festival, all without a proper record out.

There’s a dark melancholic quality to her craft, with a heavy sentiment throughout most of her work and unnatural sound processes invading her arrangements that make her songs stand out. Her voice is stunning, and she has an ear for melody that more experienced composers should envy.

What’s most exciting about Mandoki is that she’s just starting in music. After MUTEK, she plans on recording her debut, which will consist of songs written in the past year. Exciting things are on the way for her.