Introducing Tangirl Bonnie B, The First Lady of Tanboys

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Raíces: Boricua from Spanish Harlem.
Sounds like: You know how Bodega Bamz goes in hard? Homegirl goes in harder.
You should listen to Bonnie B because…Tangirls ’bout to come up just as hard as Tanboys.

Once upon a time, there was a rapper named Bonnie Blunts who rolled with Henny Hunny and Neako’s LVLYSL collective. Later, she broke off on her own as Bonnie B to figure out her own style and sound, as heard on her debut The REM State EP.

Last year, none other than Ohla of Tanboys hit her up and invited her into the crew, christening her as the First Lady of Tanboys. Homegirl took it a step further and is now working on Tangirls as its first member, a responsibility she’s ready for.

“In a male dominated industry you gotta work twice as hard and you have to be twice as strong mentally as the dudes,” she says in an interview with Good*Fella Radio. That would explain her unapologetic attitude and fierce hustle. Or as one of her Instagram photos puts it: “There’s no time for bullshit when you’re building an empire.”

Her latest is a remix of Nikki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter,” and if there’s anyone out there who thinks it’s impossible to improve one of Onika’s tracks…well, maybe you shouldn’t listen to Bonnie’s remix so you can maintain that illusion.