Meet Clip! the fun loving but serious house producer from Barcelona

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Née: Eduard Tarradas
Raíces: Barcelona
Sounds like: A bass-centric house music-fueled non stop party
You should listen to Clip! because…his music displays amazing personality and will invariably make you dance.

Although raves and it’s attendees, house music and the producers who make this type of music, are obviously about having fun, they invariably have intrinsic seriousness to what they do. Perhaps it’s a sense of community and insularity that makes them seem like they mean business when it comes to getting people to get down. Clip!, in this sense, is a very serious project, playing festivals like Mutek, Sónar and Marvin with live hardware instead of a laptop, and his music is full of fully formed and detailed tracks. However, listening to his music is a complete hoot.

Eduard Tarradas is a graduate of the SAE school, where he studied sound engineering; in 2011, he was elected for a residency at Red Bull Music Academy, which further helped him cement his style. Clip!’s style is based on deep house and similar styles but it also features nods to bass and hip-hop to make for a very eclectic mix of sounds. And it has worked wonderfully for Tarradas, since it has gained him fans on the global dance circuit, as well as releases on international labels like UK’s Fina, and Spain’s Ensmble and Feline. The former has released the Brotherhood EP, and Eduard is slated to release another EP before the year is over.

If you like your party music to have music to really get into, done by someone in love as much with the process as with the result, then you’re in for a treat here.