Meet Frege, Mexico City’s Fragmented Math Pop Pioneers

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Finding inspiration in a German mathematician and philosopher, the Mexico City-born and Brooklyn-based quintet Frege acts as an audiovisual project. Their name is derived from the Father of Analytical Philosophy — Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege. Considered to be the founder of modern logic, abstract mathematics, and the concepts used to create computer science, Frege has inspired these artists to construct sounds stemming from his legacy.

Utilizing abnormal time signatures and coded beat sequences, the band effortlessly creates an alternative, electronic sound with a psychedelic pop sensibility. Their most recent EP, Got Love, is an intricate, yet inviting composition. Frege’s spontaneity and innovation is apparent on Got Love. The evolving time signatures leave you wondering how the track will end, yet as the beat develops, the song leaves you wanting more. Sebastián Garrido’s sweet, almost eerie voice is also quick to adapt, complementing the composition. Got Love may only be a three-song release, but its smooth nature provides a great addition to your current rotation.