Meet Grita Lobos!, Peruvian Darkwave Producers From Lima

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Née: Masked and unnamed Peruanos
Raíces: Lima, Perú
Sounds like: A goth version of The Matrix soundtrack
You should be listening to Grita Lobos! because…sometimes you need to dial back the cumbia from your muy darks dancefloor.

The electronic music scene in Peru has long been the domain of tropical bass artists, who skillfully combine all manner of electronic music with their country’s famous brand of cumbia. Grita Lobos! is one of the few artists who abstains from mixing anything remotely tropical with bass, for a sound that’s purely electronic and as dark as some of their ayahuasca-influenced peers.

We don’t know much about Grita Lobos!, other than the fact that they’re tall producers who hide behind Ethiopian masks. Their self-titled debut album, released four years ago, is a mix of electronic sounds that run the gamut from IDM, old-school techno, darkwave, possibly long-forgotten singles from The Matrix, and even a bit of witch house.

The group is currently putting an end to their debut album’s cycle with a series of live videos produced with members of the Kino-a collective. Each of the four videos was shot in what appears to be the same location: a non-descript warehouse space where the masked and hooded members perform to a crowd of faceless admirers. Muy darks!

Grita Lobos! will release new material next year.