Meet International Dub Ambassadors, Intergalactic Rude Boys From San Juan

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Née: Javi Pérez, Bobby Connelly, Ramon Torres, Daniel Lopresti, Nicolas Linares plus a host of guests
Raíces: Out of Orbit Babylon or San Juan, Puerto Rico – pick one.
Sounds like: The search for the “intergalactic rude boy awakening.”
You should listen to International Dub Ambassadors because…they’ll send you on a fantastic psychedelic voyage of sound and rhythm.

The core members of International Dub Ambassadors (IDA) have known each other since they were barely teens, and they have played music together in various configurations and bands. Although they have dabbled in punk, reggae, and a million other genres, the bond that the band shares is dub, the Jamaican father of the remix and a huge part of the country’s cultural art forms.

Dub is characterized by fast-degrading delays, sound snippets you can’t quite identify, and instruments that appear and disappear from the mix out of nowhere. IDA make their trade by playing live instruments and sending them through effects as they are playing them. They are usually aided by other musicians, including Bebo Rodríguez from Cultura Profética on vocals.

The band has stayed true to their name, becoming emissaries of not only of their style of music, but also to the Puerto Rican underground in general, playing in the U.S. and appearing in international press outlets, thanks to their Dub Ambassador EP. Not content with just these successes, they are currently recording what will become their second release.

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