Believe in Los Ateos, Making Violent, Cathartic Garage Metal

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Née: The vocals/guitar/drums trio of Raquel, Jerry and Rod.
Raíces: The grim blackness of Mexico City.
Sounds like: Guitar violence and reverb-drenched chants.
You should listen to Los Ateos because…they pack a punch, will make you sing along, and will blow your preconceptions.

One glance at their logo and connoisseurs will automatically guess that Los Ateos play evil black metal. Learning their name might serve as another hint toward their aesthetic. In reality, there is very little frosty Norwegian riffing in their style, and rather a bottomless well of inspiration and original ideas.

Formed in 2013, the band didn’t get together to become rockstars or to tour the world. Rather, singer Raquel was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and her doctor suggested she take up music to help her. Boyfriend/guitarist Jerry suggested forming a band where she sang and bashed the drums; when they decided to take it a little more seriously they hired Rod, a veteran of many bands and a record engineer, to bash the kit. Since then, they haven’t stopped playing in small and medium-sized venues, having even played a show at a subway station for the amusement of commuters.

The band has recorded two EPs, 2013’s Paralysis and 2014’s Not From The Ribs of Men But From The Stars Up In The Sky: The Magnificent Preparation For Death (now that’s a contrast in titles). Both have been recorded at Testa Studios, a recording facility in León, Guanajuato operated by KB who has worked with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and has manned recordings for modern heavies like Apocalipsis, Vinnum Sabbathi, Akûma, and many more.

So, how do Los Ateos sound, really? They play a dark blend of garage metal with drones and tons of atmospheric elements, and the occasional blastbeat and/or luminous guitar swirl. Their lyrics, sung in a reverb-drenched monotone that fits perfectly, oscillating from personal musings, references (“Iñigo” quotes freely from The Princess Bride), and social justice statements.

Believe in Los Ateos–they have everything in their favor to make amazing original music for years to come.