Meet Mint Field, Tijuana’s Newest Shoegaze Trio

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Né(e)s: Amor Amezcua, Estrella Sánchez, Andrés Corella
Raíces: Tijuana
Sounds like: Shoegaze you’ve already heard, but a more pleasant version.
You should listen to Mint Field because…you’ve been looking for a new shoegaze act and everything else sounded too pretentious.

Tijuana’s Mint Field play in that oft-trafficked post-punk/shoegaze scene, but do so keenly and unpretentiously. The trio, composed of guitarist Estrella Sánchez, bassist Andrés Corella, and drummer Amor Amezcua (fun fact: Nortec’s Bostich is her dad!), all trade vocals on Primeras Salidas, giving their first release some needed tonal variety, from husky to dandy to waifish. Switching off vocals might also signal a band still finding their sound, but the exploration is intriguing nonetheless. It’s not a mindblower of an EP, but it does make for a highly listenable debut.

Download Primeras Salidas for free or name your price over at bandcamp. Southern California dwellers–catch Mint Field this weekend at Viva Pomona on the 19th, alongside Generación Suicida, Las Robertas, Dënver, and more.