Meet Barcelona’s Ocellot, Electronic Psych Pop Exploding in Technicolor

Née: The union of Catalan musicians Marc, Elaine, Joan, and Ignasi.
Raíces: Barcelona, Spain
Sounds like: Animal Collective gone digital.
You should listen to Ocellot because…feel-good music usually isn’t this high quality.

Foehn Records has been making waves for some time now, and should remain on your radar thanks to Jelly Beat, the brand new album by Barcelona’s Ocellot. The quartet has also caught the attention of many by virtue of performances at Primavera Sound and other festival appearances. Now they’re gearing up for a U.S. invasion with a confirmed appearance at SXSW, as well as forthcoming dates in Mexico and Costa Rica.

Since their formation in 2011, the quartet has experienced quite a transformation. Their self-titled debut EP and first record Molsa Molsa were earthy psych pop efforts built around guitars, mysterious vocal chants, and atmospheric worlds that could please any early Animal Collective fan. Jelly Beat changes their game significantly. Gone are the guitars; instead we hear synths and danceable beats, over which reverb-drenched vocals provide the hook. Ocellot have retained their uplifting spirits, and their music sounds more refined, jet-streamed, and ready to provide wider smiles. Nowhere is this metamorphosis more visible than on their newest single “Tama.”

Whether they will continue their course as an electro-pop outfit or change their sound again remains to be seen. However, it’s worth keeping an eye and an ear on Ocellot, since their 60s psych infusion and brightly colorful music are a welcome, fresh addition to any playlist.